In photos: Driving through the Andes

Driving through the Andes was one of the most exhilarating and adventurous experiences out of all my travels.


We started out early in the morning and drove from Vina Del Mar towards Santiago


After two hours of driving, we reached Los Andes, a tiny village on the footsteps of the Andes mountains.


Los Andes is a sleepy moutain village surrounded by snow mountains and green valleys.


The tiny colorful rooftops of mountain homes nestled in the valleys were a sight to behold.


We took a quick stop at near this river stream to click some pictures and grab breakfast before we headed into the mountain pass.


Los Andes is a popular spot for sking, and so we decided to check out this sking resort.


The last time I saw snow was around fifteen years ago when we went to Switzerland. It made me happy and nostalgic at the same time.


We walked around for quite a bit, and came across views like this!


Then quickly grabbed coffee at a the resort’s in house cafe and got back into the car because it was freezing!


We drove around and witnessed breath-taking views like this!


And this!


We turned back towards Santiago and I just didn’t want to leave!


I mean, the place looked like this. Who would want to leave!



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