PhotoBlog: Monsoon in India

Monsoons is my favorite time of the year, especially to travel. The rain makes everything feel alive and beautiful. I never enjoyed rains when I lived in the UK, but back in India, I’m thrilled at the thought of waking up to the sound of raindrops on my window sill, or whizzing past the countryside on a bike.

Paddy fields are a sight to behold during monsoons. Can you count the many shades of green in this picture?


Some places just magically transform into beautiful landscapes only after a couple of showers.




This picture reminds me of the smell of wet earth after it rains, there is nothing on this blessed earth like it.


Rains and Bhajiyas go together like hand in glove, don’t they?


Like they say, raindrops make the simplest of things look beautiful



If I had to name one comfort food that I love while it rains, it has to be this! It’s like, Vada pav was made for a rainy day.


And how do I even get started about the breath taking sunsets after heavy rainfall.



One of the best roadtrips I have taken have always been either during or post-monsoon.


 The beauty of monsoon in Maharashtra is that wherever you go, you will find a waterfall!


Does it need more convincing? 😉


Have you experienced monsoon in India? Did you love it?



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