PhotoBlog: Palolem, Goa

  1. Located at the far end of south Goa, Palolem is a beautiful coastal village known for it’s spectacular beach in a palm-fringed setting. Palolem is one of the few places in Goa where you get to stay in beach huts with the ocean right at your door-step. Once a quiet beach only known by locals and a handful of travelers, Palolem today has become a paradise for backpackers and travelers who like to spend time in a tranquil environment with good food and a gorgeous stretch of white-sand beach.

The beach is lined up with shacks/cafes that serve delicious food and huts with a backdrop of coconut trees. Now, isn’t that just perfect?


Palolem is known for it’s cafe culture and the entire beach and market is lined up with eateries that serve some of the most delicious food. This greek salad was one the best I’ve had in a long time!


Talking about cafe culture, Palolem has some quirky cafes that have a different vibe altogether. You will keep going back for breakfast every morning like I did at this one. 



Get a beach chair, and watch the sun go down. I promise, this will be your best memory of Palolem.


Breakfast by the beach anyone?


The beach road which is actually the main market of Palolem is ever buzzing. There’s clothes, jewellery, handicrafts, food and much more!


And if you love dogs like I do, there are plenty to keep you company 😉


It is not just the beauty of Goa that makes people want to come back, but it’s also the hospitality. This cafe had a magical vibe to it, simple yet tastefully done. 



Whatever it is that you want to buy, you’ll find it in the the colorful little shops that are lined up on the market road.


All that variety of tea and masalas! 


I’m guilty of buying too much chunky jewelry when in Goa and never wearing it. 



What did you love the most about Palolem when you traveled there?


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