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I'm Ankita Sonawane, a twenty-something girl from Pune, India who loves to travel. I grew up in a family of ardent travelers, and that very well explains where my love for travel came from. I have experienced a lot of impromptu trips, adventure road trips, living abroad and traveling offbeat during my childhood and I'm ever grateful for all of that as it is has been the greatest influence to develop my passion for traveling. 

I went on my first overseas trip at the age of nine, traveled to Europe and lived in the UK for two years, and as cliched as it sounds, that is when the travel bug bit me. I didn't travel a lot for a very long time after that other than weekend gateways with the family. I only started to travel more often in the last two years after graduating and started working.


So, what is it that sparks my wanderlust? I'm not going to tell you that I travel to discover myself or to break from a mundane routine, because that is not what drives me to take a trip. More than anything, traveling is a means to connect to the world and people though food and culture. Along with that, my love for markets is boundless. Although seemingly ordinary, markets are the very essence of a place; The people, the food, the smells the vibe and the truly wonderful connect you feel to a new place as soon as you wander in the local market.

Although I have an academic background in Psychology and Counseling, I switched to freelance blogging and social media marketing because I love the creativity and flexibility it brings. I started this travel blog to share my travel stories and inspire others to travel, Transforming Escapes runs the gamut from stories, inspiration, information and practical insights into destinations that I have traveled to. So many of us tend to club traveling and backpacking together in our minds by default, but I'm not a backpacker or a full-time traveler, I'm not always on the road. I keep a base in my home town, because I believe in striking a balance. Although, I love all things travel, its reassuring to live in a wonderful city and have a loving family to return to and feel enriched. I love to head out in the quest of the less ordinary, eat my way though a place, live in experiential accommodation, travel unhurriedly, be mindful and soak in the goodness of a new found home.

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- Ankita

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