A guide to Mumbai’s best holiday treats!

It’s holiday season and what better way to celebrate than to indulge in some lip-smacking cupcakes, hand-crafted chocolates and other holiday specials. We bring you ten best places in Mumbai to get the best of the holiday season. Get ready to drool!

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Cold Food Company:

Cold Food Company specializes in exquisite homemade delicacies, including cookies, cakes, crackers and sweets. They have a range of hampers to select from for the holiday season! The goodies arrive in a beautiful tin box, with each of the delicacies finely wrapped with a name tag. They have some great spice mixes too for your barbeque and chicken roast dinners. This pretty hamper is easily one of the best things you can get your hands on this season!


Picture by: Cold Food Company

The Pink Whisk:

There are brownies and then there are brownies by the Pink Whisk, always a class apart. I had never heard, let alone tasted red velvet cheese browines and I fell in love with it’s goodness with every bite. The pink whisk specialises in red velvet cream cheese brownies, brookies, gooey chocolate brownies and tea time cakes! The baker could not decide between her love for brownies and chocolate cookies and that’s how the brookie was born. Taste it to believe it, it’s super unique and absolutely delectable.

Picture by: The Pink Wisk

Kiya’s Creation

Baking is an art, and although so much talent goes into making a successful baker, there is a ton of science involved too! Kiya’s creation, a home based bakery is here to change the home-baking scenes. Though customised cakes are not a new thing anymore, this one definitely deserves a mention! They use innovative ideas and the latest trends to churn out mouth-watering brownies, chocolates, cakes, cookies and sweet bouquets!


Picture by: Kiya’s creation

Baked With Love By Annie:

Have you ever taken a bite of something that melts your heart everytime you dig in? Perfection in the form of brownies is what I got from this one! Not only are the delicacies baked with love, but also precision. The cupcake bouquet really stands out and is a perfect gift for someone who has a sweet-tooth. Annie has the brownie game down to an art, and each component could stand powerfully on it’s own but when these brownies meet twix, they have truly met their match. Also, I officially cannot eat red velvet cheesecakes from anywhere else, anymore! 😉

Picture by: Baked with love by annie


The Jello Project:

Spreading the love of jams and jellys, the jello project offers one of a kind treat to people who love jelly in every form. They have invented jello shots. What? Yes, shots of jelly infused with a burst of flavours and magic 😉 They are perfect for every occasion, and a great way to indulge once in a while. Get your hands on these and see it for yourself.

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The Odd Hour Kitchen:

As their tag line reads, spreading love and joy through food. Truly, the odd hour kitchen is your go to place when cravings set in. Everything at this place tastes like straight out of grandma’s kitchen. They specialise in Muffins, Cookies, Quiches, Breads & Cakes which are perfect for tea parties, picnics and holiday get-togethers! Using wholesome ingredients and original recipes, this kitchen sure knows their way to our hearts!

Picture by: The odd hour kitchen

Binge Bites:

Chocolates by binge bites make for perfect gifting this season. Expect all the maestro’s signatures including almond nutella bites, gourmet chocolate boxes and chocolate dessert jars. They bring passionate and cutting-edge craft to this stunning chocolate boutique, a chocoholic’s dream. Chocolates are available in a beautiful range of powerful flavours and fusions include original combinations. Take home as many bars of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and other wonderful treats!

Picture by: Binge bites


This land of chocolate luxury greets its cocoa-loving visitors with a deep and decadent aroma and displays of spectacular varieties. Chocolate indulgence is not just a holiday thing, because who needs a reason to dig into some gooey nutty deliciousness? Ccolato is a chocolatiery that is making a mark on the hand-crafted chocolate scenario. As their tag line goes, take a bit of love and coalesce it with chocolate and voila! What you get is a piece of mysterious magic called Ccolato. Their signature creations are the refined result of over 10 years of passion and savoir-faire.

Picture by: Ccolato


Do you remember when you were a kid and loved popsicles? Paleteria is brining a revolution of a kind in the popsicle industry. They specialise in handmade popsicles, artisan sorbets and creamy lollies which are made using some of the freshest fruits and nuts combined together to create magic in the mouth. You can’t go wrong when choosing one of their many flavors but my personal favorite is the Classic watermelon. Even in the dead of winter, these popsicles are a must have!

Picture by: Paleteria

Love & Flour:

A wise foodie once said that a balanced diet is having a cup cake in each hand. And those of you who take your cupcakes and brownies very seriously would know what goes into making the perfect batch. And for all the pizza fanatics, they have an outstanding version of the cookie pizza. Yes, you heard that right, cookies in the form of a pizza. Choose from a selection of toppings and base to have yours customised. Love & flour isnailing the art of baking in their own unique way.

Picture by: Love & Flour

So what is your favorite christmas treat?


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